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The smart alarm clock 

for healthy sleep

LoomyLoomy_Front_pers_half_rays copy.png

The 360° light reflector reflects the integrated moodlight ...

... and the companion app visuals.

Integrating three elements into a complementary system









Key features

Alarm clock

Most seamless “alarm clock” on the market with smart home connectivity. By sliding-in, your smartphone into the device, LoomyLoomy knows the exact time you started your sleep.

QI wireless charger

Slide your smartphone into the device to charge.    

360° light reflector

The reflector is hovering above your smartphone, and the display light is visible from all angles. So there is no need for physical interaction with your phone. 

Smartphone free
time reminder

LoomyLoomy will remind you to put away your smartphone before and during bedtime.   


The built-in moodlight works as a physical notifier outside of your phone.


Instead of notifications on your phone, a gentle glow will remind you to get ready for bed.   

Sleep status bar

The “sleep status bar” shows your sleep duration/progress. Green shows the time you have slept, and red indicates your remaining sleep time.

Meditative breath

The right breathing technique can help you to fall asleep faster, just follow the voice and visual cues. 

Voice assistant

The voice assistant will enhance your sleeping experience by reducing the physical interaction with your smartphone. 

A simple and intuitive way

to reduce screen time

to improve sleeping habits



Slide your smartphone into the device

to initiate your sleep.

LoomyLoomy guides you

through a simple set of customizable steps for creating a healthy sleep routine


Reduce your smartphone time

with these customizable steps and learn to sleep better with LoomyLoomy!