We believe sleep is the foundation of our physical and emotional wellbeing.

LoomyLoomy was created out of the need to improve life and change habits for the better.  We see that our habit of social media consumption is not sustainable. It made us addicted and disconnected from reality.  
Our vision is to improve the quality of life by restoring healthy sleep. At the heart of quality sleep is creating a bedtime routine that embraces one's natural sleep tendency.
LoomyLoomy trains a sleep habit and protects the window of opportunity for natural sleep and wake time by intuitively reducing the time spent on screens around bedtime.
We think that technology can help create an experience of true calm and comfort when it engages our senses discreetly and selectively. Inspired by the principles of "Calm Technology"*  we aim to bring the design attuned to our behaviors and needs without over-dominating our attention.
Healthy sleep should be the new normal. Let's reclaim it!